About Us

Farthing Poodles came into existence in the early 1980’s, from some of the most beautiful dogs and impressive bloodlines of that day. It has been my privilege to continue the heritage of breeding the beauty, conformation, elegance, intelligence, and health that has long been the virtue of the poodle.

For decades the poodle has been one of the most popular dogs in the world and, as such, has been much exploited. The breed’s popularity has resulted in mass production of puppies over the years and many “back yard” breeders, who have unknowingly contributed to the deterioration of many good lines. It has always been my goal to safe guard the incredible and amazing remaining attributes of this fine breed. Throughout the years there have been many wonderful, careful, and dutiful breeders of the varieties who were committed to preserving the aspects of this breed that are so impeccable and pleasing when conformed to the AKC standard, which is the “poodle”. I am so very thankful to these breeders and I am personally committed to preserving the continuing the legacy of excellence and quality that they have worked so hard for many decades to achieve.

To own a poodle is to own the very essence of delight, fun, affection, and companionship. This wonderful breed is more bonding than one’s shadow. They will steal your heart. The captivating and impressive presence, movement, and carriage of a well bred poodle is truly a sight that can take one’s breath away. They are indeed an art form.

If you are interested in discovering more about Farthing or Sovereign Poodles, and what it has been my privilege to accomplish over the past 28 years of diligent study and breeding, I invite you to view further and contact me if you please. It has been an utter joy to work with this magnificent breed over the years and I love to share my experiences and acquired knowledge with truly interested poodle fanciers. This is an amazing breed and I am so honored to have played a part in its continuing evolution and development.