We have puppies ready for their new home.

Our Apricots have found their new homes

Our Poodles are raised in my home and are socialized from birth. My aim in breeding Poodles is to give to others what I would want to own myself - a congenial, happy, intelligent dog able to bring joy through companionship. This can be found in many forms as the Poodle is a versatile breed, lending itself to agility, conformation, service, and field work. I breed and test for temperament, health, and structure. Evaluations are conducted on all of my puppies to ensure the best fit for their future family. Since my passion is conformation, my dogs are evaluated by American Kennel Club judges and must conform to the breed standard set forth by the Poodle Club of America. My pleasure is to give you the best adjusted puppy for a lifetime of pleasure and purpose.



Mini Poodle Litter Due Mid August


Father of our Mini litter


Mother of our Mini litter

Ownership Requirements

One of the ways of ensuring responsible dog ownership and to protect the poodle as a breed is to require that each puppy is either spayed or neutered that is place in a pet home. All registration papers are issued with limited registration, enabling the dog to be registered in the AKC purebred registry, but preventing the animal from having any offspring registered. Hence discouraging haphazard breeding practices.

It is also preferred that all prospective owners come to my home and meet me personally for a congenial interview, or furnished me with references e.g. veterinarian, groomer, dog club, known person in dog community.

All puppies will have been appropriately vaccinated and wormed.

For those interested in exhibiting pure bred dogs, I am happy to share my years of experience with the breed, and have a strategic course of education and protocol that is to be continued with poodles placed with people who share my passion. The future preservation and perfection of the poodle must always be of utmost importance.

Licensed & Inspected Annually by Pierce County